• European Curriculum for the  

    Family & Community Nurse

European Curriculum for the Family & Community Nurse

Project duration: 01 January 2018 until 31 May 2022
Funding: Erasmus+


Starting from existing research evidence and results of ongoing EU Projects, a Professional Profile (PP) for FCN will be defined, as the EU benchmark for VET of FCN. The competence-based PP will be the baseline for the definition of a European, innovative, learning outcome-oriented modular VET Curriculum for FCN.

What is the target group of the project?

  • Nurses working in primary care
  • Patients and their relatives
  • Vocational training providers
  • Public and private health care organisations/institutions
  • Vocational teachers and trainers in the field of nursing
  • Professional associations


  • ­To increase the specialization level of nurses working in PHC Family and Community Nursing skills; ­
  • To foster the development of FCN curricula referring to a formalized EU profile based on WHO and EU politics recommendations; ­
  • To enhance the shift from the old PHC model to the new healthcare models centred on Public Health Care

Planned project results

  • Definition and delivery of a Professional Profile for the Family and Community Nurse (FCN) which could be taken as a reference at European level for the Vocational Education and Training (VET).
  • Design of a Curriculum for Family and Community Nurse (FCN), which could play a reference role at European level.
  • Development of specific guidelines/instructions supporting VET providers in the instantiation of the EU Curriculum into local curricula.
  • Delivery of a training course for teachers and development of guidelines and methodological recommendations for them on how to effectively use and tailor the tools and methods proposed by the project.
  • Development of an innovative open online tool supporting case studies and best practice sharing for nurses
  • Design of 3 national FCN curricula and implementation of 3 pilot courses.
  • Development of Recommendations for efficient investments on FCN professionals both for public and for private employers.


  • University of East Finland (UEF) - Finnland
  • Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Thessaly - Griechenland
  • Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Crete - Griechenland
  • Hellenic Regulatory Body of Nurses (ENE) - Griechenland
  • Future Balloons Unipessoal, Lda - Portugal
  • Akademie für Wirtschaft und Verwaltung GmbH + Akademie für Berufliche Bildung (AWV+AFBB) - Deutschland

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