• Game-based learning and gamification in teaching 

    in vocational education and training

GATE:VET – using GAmification in TEaching at VET schools



  • Raise awareness of gamification and game-based learning among teaching staff
  • Promote competence development of teaching staff
  • Improve teaching
  • Enable networking of stakeholders and exchange of experience at European level

From the outset, the results of the project were designed to be used sustainably by providing a platform which is (co-)created by the vocational school teachers themselves. The platform will be expanded with new ideas as the project progresses, a process of further use is set in motion and the continued use is facilitated.

Planned project results

Building a community around the platform ensures, on the one hand, that the platform can continue to be used independently by the teachers after the end of the project and, on the other hand, that the teachers already involved can easily invite and engage other interested participants.

The third major output of the project is a curriculum to familiarise teachers with the use of the platform and the application of game-based teaching elements (IO3). For the partners involved, especially the participating vocational schools, the project offers the possibility to train their own teachers on game-based learning and enable them to act as multipliers.

For the project members, the project offers the opportunity to bring in experiences from previous gamification projects (STEAM and others) or projects to improve the user experience, to test them and to gather new knowledge that can improve future developments.


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