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Location Berlin

Bornitzstraße 73-75, 10365 Berlin
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Your future belongs to you!

Our Training offers

Our training follows a dual education system, i.e. at the school and at the partner companies. Our school‘s partnership with companies, prior to and during schooling, is taking a more significant position in our work, in order to prepare students for the demands and requirements of the business world.

Check out our vocational training offers:

  • Office management assistant
  • Industrial management assistant
  • Sales assistants
  • Management assistants in real estate
  • Management assistants in wholesale & foreign trade
  • Qualified IT specialist

Office management assistant

Office administrators with European special qualifications work in institutions, administrations and companies of the most different branches. Their tasks are versatile – starting from commercial and administrative
works, organizational responsibilities and accounting up to wage and salary administration, general correspondence, issuing invoices, observing receipts of payments and reviewing questions about taxes and insurances.

They work in offices, accounting departments, finance and human resources departments as well as warehousing, distribution, purchasing departments and consignment.

Training contents:

  • marketing (customer care, public relations)
  • accounting (statistics, salary, etc)
  • in-house organisation and administration (data and text manipulation, correspondence, sales and stock numbers)
  • checking and verifying order processing (invoices, incoming payments)

Industrial management assistant

European industrial business management assistants are not just able to support the internal procedures of a company with their work but also to contribute to proceedings within the European cooperation in the field of economy. A placement abroad for several weeks expands the student’s activity in Europe. They can work in industrial enterprises in various departments like accounting and materials management, in the field of production management, industrial marketing, and personnel management.

Training contents:

  • Ordering raw and auxiliary material
  • Calculating offer prices
  • Determining personnel requirements
  • Compiling calculation of salaries
  • Ensuring sales market
  • Customer care

Sales assistants

Sales assistants inform as well as advice customers and sell all kinds of goods. Furthermore, they work in purchasing and warehousing and operate the electronic cash and storage systems. They take on business management tasks in accounting and personnel. Sales assistants take part in the arrangement of the assortment and marketing campaigns. They mostly work in the sales room. In the office, they determine what and how many goods are needed and order them mainly by phone, do booking and maintain stock lists. Other tasks are dealing with complaints and checking conditions of delivery and payment.

Training contents:

  • Individual enterprise
  • Economic cycle and business process
  • Customer-focused sales talk
  • Procurement and presentation of goods
  • Management and organisation
  • Marketing concept
  • Selling

Management assistants in real estate

European management assistants in real estate work on the real estate market, e.g. for estate agents or housing associations. They work inside but also outside the office directly on site. A placement abroad for several weeks expands the student’s activity in Europe. Their tasks are purchasing, renting, selling and financing of real estate as well as building and renovating (planning and assistance) of buildings.

Training contents:

  • Special business administration of real estate and housing industry
  • Office organization, e.g. international communication
  • Accounting IAS, cost accounting and results accounts as well as management accounting in the housing industry
  • Data and word processing e.g. standard software and software specially used in this industry
  • German Civil Code (BGB), German Commercial Code (HGB)

Management assistants in wholesale & foreign trade

European management assistants in wholesale and foreign trade are able to work in facilities, administrations and companies which work in various industries and having several profiles. They not just support the internal procedures of a company with their work but also contribute to proceedings within the European cooperation in the field of economy. Management assistants in wholesale and foreign trade offer business-related service features, are responsible for purchasing national and international goods and sell them to trade, craft, industry and service sectors. The training is specialized in the two disciplines wholesale and foreign trade.

Training contents:

  • Corporate environment
  • Office organization, e.g. international communication
  • Merchandise management and distributuion of goods
  • Scheduling and purchase
  • Industrial marketing, e.g. marketing, calculation, prices, customer service
  • Work organisation
  • Accounts

Qualified IT specialist

Qualified IT specialists plan, install and set up complex computing processes according to their customers’ wishes. They also realize software projects starting from the planning phase up to the release and customer care. Qualified IT specialists ensure courses of instruction and provide technical advice for hardand software users. They can work in every company that uses or produces hard- and software. Another field of work is the development of complete IT solutions for companies on the European market.

Training contents:

  • there is the option to choose between two areas of specialization:
    • system integration
    • application development
  • operational business processes
  • market research, customer care and sales planning
  • architecture of IT systems
  • programming methods
  • supplying applications and database systems

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Location Dresden

Blochmannstraße 2, 01069 Dresden
Phone: 0351 4445-140
E-Mail: dresden@afbb.de
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Location Berlin

Bornitzstraße 73-75, 10365 Berlin
Phone: 030 288869-0
E-Mail: berlin@afbb.de
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Location Cologne

Maarweg 151 (Haus 3), 50825 Cologne
Phone: 0221 4744154-0
E-Mail: koeln@afbb.de
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