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Our Training offers

  • Office management assistant
  • Industrial management assistant
  • Sales assistants
  • Management assistants in real estate
  • Management assistants in wholesale & foreign trade
  • Qualified IT specialist

Industrial management assistant

European industrial business management assistants are not just able to support the internal procedures of a company with their work but also to contribute to proceedings within the European cooperation in the field of economy. A placement abroad for several weeks expands the student’s activity in Europe. They can work in industrial enterprises in various departments like accounting and materials management, in the field of production management, industrial marketing, and personnel management.

Training contents:

  • Ordering raw and auxiliary material
  • Calculating offer prices
  • Determining personnel requirements
  • Compiling calculation of salaries
  • Ensuring sales market
  • Customer care

Management assistants in real estate

European management assistants in real estate work on the real estate market, e.g. for estate agents or housing associations. They work inside but also outside the office directly on site. A placement abroad for several weeks expands the student’s activity in Europe. Their tasks are purchasing, renting, selling and financing of real estate as well as building and renovating (planning and assistance) of buildings. 

Training contents: 

  • Special business administration of real estate and housing industry 
  • Office organization, e.g. international communication 
  • Accounting IAS, cost accounting and results accounts as well as management accounting in the housing industry 
  • Data and word processing e.g. standard software and software specially used in this industry 
  • German Civil Code (BGB), German Commercial Code (HGB)

Qualified IT specialist

Qualified IT specialists plan, install and set up complex computing processes according to their customers’ wishes. They also realize software projects starting from the planning phase up to the release and customer care. Qualified IT specialists ensure courses of instruction and provide technical advice for hardand software users. They can work in every company that uses or produces hard- and software. Another field of work is the development of complete IT solutions for companies on the European market.

Training contents:

  • there is the option to choose between two areas of specialization:
    • system integration
    • application development
  • operational business processes
  • market research, customer care and sales planning
  • architecture of IT systems
  • programming methods
  • supplying applications and database systems

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