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Competences from Industry 4.0 for Vocational School Curricula

Project results

IO1: International Methodology (Lead: AFBB)
The project will develop an international methodology to establish how labour market demands are transferred to workers' competences through vocational education and training (VET) in the partner countries. The methodology will enable a consistent approach to describing the situation in each country, even though VET systems may differ significantly. It will also provide sufficient space for specific examples, for local initiatives and examples of good practice.

IO2: Country Reports (Lead T2I)
Following the international methodology's (IO1) general principles, the partners will prepare detailed reports describing the situation in their country.

IO3: Comparative Study (Lead TREXIMA)
The uniform structure of the country reports will allow the individual reports to be compared and analysed under different aspects.
The analysis will focus on the main differences in VET and country approaches to ensure the timely and high-quality transfer of labour market requirements, especially in the areas of digitalisation and Industry 4.0, to VET. Likewise, examples of good practice will be compared.
The comparative analysis will provide an overview of comparable aspects and particularly examine the differences in the approaches of the individual countries in the partnership.

IO4: Recommendations (Lead: CONPLUSULTRA)
In the form of a policy paper, this output will contain an evaluation of the results based on the country reports and the comparative analysis. The output will formulate both general conclusions and country-specific recommendations on how their approaches could be innovated or strengthened.
Particular emphasis will be placed on practices that best respond to the need for transferring the demands of a changing labour market to VET. Particular attention will be paid to those practices that specifically address the issue of digitalisation and the "Industry 4.0" phenomenon in this transfer, which is accelerating the transformation process of the labour market.

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