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DOmIcILE-VR – Digital training courses in the real estate industry using virtual reality

Project duration: 01 May 2019 until 30 April 2022 (3 years)
Funding: ESF

Project website: www.domicile-vr.de


The real estate industry is subject to constant change. It is therefore necessary for employees to keep up with the growing number of legal innovations or regulations despite the scarcity of time and personnel resources. For the majority of smaller businesses in the sector, the constant need for further training represents an organisational challenge.
DOmIcILE-VR aims to support businesses in the ongoing training of their staff by developing a digital learning environment with a VR scenario as its centrepiece, which can be used to practice rental inspections.


Development of a digital learning environment involving a VR scenario for employees of real estate businesses and trainee real estate agents, in which rental inspections can be practiced in a targeted manner. In addition to the assessment of the condition of a rental property and professional communication in this situation, conflict management and training in general, digital skills also play an important role and can be practised as required with the VR scenario.
The training session will be prepared for and embedded in a learning platform.

Project results

  • Practical VR scenario adapted to the needs of real estate businesses with which training can take place independently of time and/or location.
  • Improvement of the training and exam preparation of real estate agents through realistic and complex practice situations.


Akademie für berufliche Bildung GgmbH
Germany - Coordinator

TU Dresden


Fachhochschule Dresden


Share us!

Would you like to contribute to this innovative project as a real estate business or representative?
(e.g. by helping to define content or trying out the VR scenario)

Please contact: Johannes Kaiser  |  +49 351 4445-121  |  j.kaiser@afbb.de

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Location Dresden

Blochmannstraße 2, 01069 Dresden
Phone: 0351 4445-140
E-Mail: dresden@afbb.de
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Location Berlin

Bornitzstraße 73-75, 10365 Berlin
Phone: 030 288869-0
E-Mail: berlin@afbb.de
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Location Cologne

Maarweg 151 (Haus 3), 50825 Cologne
Phone: 0221 4744154-0
E-Mail: koeln@afbb.de
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